Cutting Tables

Specialized worktables guarantee a laboratory environment free of pollutants. Available in different variations.

Section Tables

Section tables made from stainless steel in various sizes and designs made to your specification.

Preparation Cabinets

Stainless steel chemical storage cabinets used for flammables, corrosives, pesticides or poisons.

Back Draft Ventilation

Ideal and safe work while dyeing and covering.

Exhaust Hutches

Can be installed easily in existing workspaces. For rare or occasional odors.

Bowel Sinks

Advantages in terms of odors from feces, rapid sample processing and purification of the bowel, and a prime workplace hygiene.

Formalin Cleaning Complex

For highest possible security and a smooth workflow in the laboratory.

Table Exhausts

Essential security feature at the work station with integrated exhaust for a modern laboratory.

Laboratory Fume Hoods

Suction of fresh air curtains for maximum safety.

Filter Units VAE

Table Exhausts for recirculation mode. Made from stainless steel and safety glass. Avaiable in different sizes and designs.

Safety Cabinets

For a safe storage of hazardous substances.

HPL Laboratory Furniture

Individually planned laboratory furniture in high quality execution.

Additional Features

Different additional features for our working tables.

Additional Features

Different additional features for our section tables.

Exhaust Systems With Filter

Exhaust system can be mounted on a table and serve the rear exhaust of pollutants such as xylene and alcohol.