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For more than 60 years specializing in individual laboratory facility in the areas of Human Pathology, Veterinary Pathology, histology, and in forensic medicine.

Our customers are leading institutes and laboratories all over the world. They appreciate our professional solutions even under challenging circumstances and our expansive service far beyond installation of furniture and equipment.

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Individual Laboratory Furniture

We plan, build and install individual and premium laboratory furniture made from stainless steel. They can be completed by sinks, connectors and several possibilities for hazardous material exhausts.






[Translate to english:] NEW: Printer Family 6001

[Translate to english:] Next to the manuell Cassette- and Slide-Printer, as well as our automated Cassette Printer, we now are able to present the automated slide Printer.

Now our Printer Family is complete and we have the possibility to cover all needs in the laboratory.

sectiontable, Residual tissue disposing, laboratory deductions, cutting table; table deduction, Paraffine, tissue cassettes, water bath, heating table, formalin detector